Bomb Bot, inc.

Welcome aboard Bomb Bot Inc. Your job mission is simple - bomb disposal. You perform your duty at the console. Drag a button to send bombs to two disposal rooms at the same time. Sort the bombs according to their colors, and control different kinds of robots to destroy them. You can choose to work in these modes: (A) Normal mode: Take your time and destroy as many bombs as possible; (B) Speed mode: For bomb disposal experts who seek the excitement of fast-paced work; (C) Puzzle mode: Solve 30 cleverly-designed puzzles by destroying all the crates placed in both disposal rooms. More puzzles are coming soon. If you still have questions about your duty, watch the orientation video here: Should you have any problems or suggestions regarding the company, please do not hesitate to approach us. Here in Bomb Bot Inc., We strive to improve the work condition of our workers. That's all. Enjoy your job!


  • Easy and addictive color match/elminate game
  • Three modes, 45 levels in Puzzle Mode, more levels are coming soon.

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19 October 2013

cant get into puzzles after 50?


26 June 2013

Fun game, great job on it