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  • Published by: Gr8Escape ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    2.80 New levels Removed ads 2.70 Fixed playing levels 301-400 without buying app 2.60 Fixed crash when running on Windows 10 2.50 Added 100 new levels and fixed German level 16 No fix for level 161 because it is correct :-) When person is places in room, the size is increased for lower resolutions and settings contain option to use black background for names 2.44 Added new solutions thanks to April May 2.42 Previous fix didn't work for user who bought the app. Sorry for the inconvenience 2.40 Fixed problem when level is OK. Button was not always enabled 2.32 300 levels Removed video advertisement for paid users. (Sorry for the inconvenience) 2.30 Now 230 levels


Are you a real detective. Try solving the murder which took place in the mansion. Read the clues and use the knowledge to find which of the suspects is the murderer. Find out where everyone was during the crime and use your brain to unravel the murder mystery. 300 free levels challenging your brain


  • Solve the brainteasers by reading the clues.
  • Are you a smart detective?

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24 July 2016

This is a great game if you like logical brain teasers. It's something to keep your mind constantly thinking and it's one of my favorite games. No matter how many times I play it I never get bored of it. I wish there were more games like this one. It's an A++++ in my book.


11 July 2016

10/10 dank meme professionals would agree!


5 July 2016

love it, not too easy, great fun


3 June 2016

If you like the game clue you will like this game. My favorite game on my laptop.


7 May 2016

This game is great if you love Clue! I can spend hours playing this game, trying to figure out who the murderer is. It works smoothly on my computer, and each level is slightly better than the one before! Absolutely in love with this game!!!!


9 April 2016

A great game to work the mind. Just pay attention to the clues and you can solve them without too much trouble.


5 April 2016

I love this type of clue-based elimination game, and having things fully interactive (and saving me both pencils and paper) is great.


16 March 2016

I love this game. It is the best!!!! Thank you!


11 March 2016

I'm not good at those Dash Games n do not like those Build a Town ones at all. This perfect. Fun and Just Hard enough


2 March 2016

My Favorite App!!

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