Brick Breaker (Ads Free)

This is the ads free version of my "Brick Breaker *" game. Brick Breaker is a fine remake of the classic Arkanoid ( Breakout ) game. You controls a paddle that keeps a bouncing ball from falling out of the screen. Your goal is to smash and clear all bricks on the screen. Capture power-up capsules to have more fun! If you are a tablet user, rotate the screen to have bigger playing size. Control: 1. Hit space bar or mouse left key to release the ball 2. Use the arrow keys or mouse cursor (or touch the screen) to control the pad. Tip: if the ball hits a moving pad, its horizontal speed will be affected by the bat speed.


  • 35 levels!!!
  • 5 different powerup capsules
  • Same background and brick colors as the original game
  • improved game play and control

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2 November 2013

I used to love the old Breakout game. I use the mouse to control the paddle but it still leaves the mouse arrow on the screen, very annoying. Makes the game unplayable. The graphics should have been updated for modern computers. Oh well maybe someday...