The object of game is to clear all the bubbles from the board, scoring as many points as possible. How? You blow at them with more bubbles, and when three or more of the same color come together, they all explode. Just tap at where you want the next bubble to go. The more bubbles blow up at one tap, the increasingly more points you gain (six ones at one tap is better tan two three-bubble taps). Besides, those bubbles that fell apart from the rest will explode too. It is well worth trying to arrange such avalanches, as they will give you ten times more points than ordinary bursts. Another important rule to know is that the borders are like mirrors. If you shoot a bubble towards an exposed border, it will not stick to the border but will bounce right back like a stream of light against a mirror. This feature becomes really handful when the center of your board is filled up with and you need to shoot some bubbles on the sidebars. If your tap fails to detonate any bubbles, you get a foul, and when there are several fouls, one or two new line of bubbles appears at the top. The number of misfires allowed before bubbles will advance again, is shown by the number of silver ball in the left bottom corner. The game is over when you clean all the bubbles off and your score doubles, or bubbles move all the way down on you.


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25 August 2015

love to play.....slow and freezes up to much.....too slowwwwwwwww..


13 August 2015

I love bubbles blow can't seem to get enough


5 July 2015



9 February 2015

Love it.


21 December 2014

have a glitch some where in the game. Freezes up after so many games. I love the game anyway.


1 October 2014



8 September 2014

great game just just do expect to play no more than 15 - 30 mins it has a glich you hear the click but the colored bubble sits for 2- 15 secs. I want to know if the co. can fix


4 September 2014

Slow after use for long time


24 August 2014

This has become my favorite "go to game". It gives me something to do when I am bored but does not demand very much effort to play.


16 July 2014

This is fun but it really has no point to it.

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