BulldozAIR is a collaborative software connecting people from the field and the office. It makes communication easy for construction, maintenance, energy, real estate and many other fields of activity. Whether you're at your desk or on site, stay on top of field issues, collaborate with your teams, track and tackle problems. Access all your data from your desktop, smartphone and tablet. Everything is available offline, synchronized and safely stored online. All your blueprints and project tasks are embedded in one synchronized place. When an issue is spotted on a collaborative note with pictures, drawings, sketches, measures, location, it can be attributed to another user who can charges new content in the same note. That way you keep all the traceability and you get your issues solved quickly. All Your Projects Synchronised Save and share all your documents: Excel, Word, PDF, Autocad DWG, BIM, Revit, Microsoft Project. You can use your BulldozAIR data also on the web application at http://app.bulldozair.com/ Sort You can sort your site notes easily with personalised key words Export Reports can be automatically generated into a Microsoft Word file which you can copy in your own template or convert in PDF report. You can share or attribute your notes, documents and plans with other persons. Collaborative BulldozAIR synchronizes your projects data between different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Web app) allowing you to switch from a device to another according to your needs (on your computer at the office or on your smartphone on-site) Built by construction and software professionals Our team of construction and civil engineers is here to help you: we have combined experiences in architectural project management, project management, refurbishment, infrastructure construction, interior design, mechanical and electrical, structure, real estate to create a versatile tool for construction, maintenance, energy, real estate and many more. For further questions, please email us at support@bulldozair.com or visit our website http://www.bulldozair.com BulldozAIR is developed by Blockbase http://www.blockbase.com


  • PDF plan viewer
  • PDF plan drawer
  • TAGs to sort all your notes
  • Task planning and calendar tool
  • Automated reporting in Microsoft Word
  • Insert web links in tasks
  • Insert pictures in tasks
  • Insert localisation in tasks
  • Upload your project documentation PDF, Word, Excel, pictures, ...