Bus Battle Global Championship

Welcome to the world cup of bus racing. Race for the honour of your nation and use cunning tactics and bravery to beat the competition. Everything is allowed as long as you manage to kill the opponent’s national anthem. GET READY TO BEAT YOUR RIVALS This high-octane racing game will put you behind the wheel of a crazy over powered bus. The game is controlled with intuitive one-touch controls, but you will need to keep your head together to navigate through heavy traffic. Home in on the rival’s national anthem and collect precious power ups along the way. Catch up to the enemy coach and ram it from the road to become your country’s super hero! Fair play? 
With each successful takedown money is earned which can be used to upgrade your national team’s coach. The bus can be reinforced with a heavily armoured grille to increase crash resilience and ramming effectiveness, while aerodynamic upgrades will improve the vehicles’ handling and top speed. Credit will give you the opportunity to upgrade your bus and rule the city! Other customization options include adapting the carriages’ rims and colours.


  • High speed racing with intuitive one touch controls
  • Adapt and personalise your bus to suit your new-found unsportsmanlike lifestyle
  • Stunning fast paced 3D visuals
  • HD graphics
  • Easy to grind bus parts and customization options
  • 32 national teams are included

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12 July 2015

This game has awesome graphics and the this is the best game ever


29 June 2015

Awesome app


20 April 2015

I am not a big fan on the arrow movement and how they explode the buses, first of all you should get achievements, move a bit faster, and let there be A W S D. I also don't enjoy playing against computers all the time... Lets play some multiplayer! I mean C'mon!