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    v2.0.0.6 - Bug fix v2.0.0.5 1. Fully supports Windows 8.1 2. New app logo and visual style 3. Improves main page layout and card-browsing experience. 4. Now you can search using the newly added search bar directly in the main page. 5. Cards pinned to the Start Screen now support large-sized tiles. 6. Improved performance and other bug fixes Should you have any suggestion or find any problem, please contact us via support@intsig.com. We will reply to you ASAP. If your suggestion was adopted or the problem you found was fixed, you may update your review and score, which we'll really appreciate.

CamCard - Professional Business Card Reader

Scan and manage all your name cards with CamCard! Take a picture of any card with phone camera, the contact info will be recognized and saved in Card Holder automatically. You can easily edit, sort and search all cards in Card Holder. By signing up, you are able to sync cards across smartphones, tablets, and the web app in real-time. A must-have business app for your Windows 8 PC or tablet. Over 50 million business people are using and loving CamCard “7 Must-Have Apps for Salespeople” - Inc.com “CamCard outdoes competitors in a couple of respects”- New York Times “Not only is the app highly accurate, but it also lets you group contacts, make notes, and search LinkedIn.” - Inc.com About Free version: It will expire in 180 days since activation. You won’t be able to scan any cards once expired. You’ll need to purchase the full version to read unlimited number of cards. We’d love to hear your feedback: support@intsig.com Follow us on Twitter: @CamCard Like us on Facebook: CamCard


  • Scan and recognize business cards with camera
  • Detect card orientation and auto-rotate to the right orientation
  • Auto crop image and enhance image quality
  • Detect the language on business cards
  • Edit and manage contacts: sort, group, search
  • Add note/ card backside image
  • Save contacts to People Hub/ Card Holder
  • Pin contacts to Start to access your VIPs with just a tap
  • Send email, browse website and locate address from contact detail page
  • Automatically back up to the cloud and never worry about losing data
  • Sync data across different devices automatically and manage your contacts on any of them or on CamCard.com
  • Recognize 16 languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungari

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13 July 2015

I have downloaded on my android phone approx. 250 cards.... they do not show up with I go to Cam Card on my computer.... why not? I would like to be able to update and add notes when I am at my desk top instead of trying to do on phone all of the time.


21 June 2015

Settings are set to Yes, so what else is needed? 180 day trial, btw.. Restarted reinstalled and verified permission is given. Looks like it could be useful if it worked. win8.1


6 May 2015

This is the perfect app if you have a lot of business cards in your Rolodex on your desk. Now you can carry your Rolodex in your pocket. This app will even transfer the data on the card you scan into your phones contacts.


26 March 2015

I am able to organize all my business card. Now I don't have to carry all the extra card. I can go mobile now.


23 March 2015

The App functions well within itself. The syncing function and CamCard plugin for Outlook doesn't function for me. I have Win8.1 ios. Awaiting tech support to address my question/issue. NEW-Tech support resolved my question; therefore the update and the upgrade.


28 November 2014

I am using desktop in Windows 8 platform and my desktop does not have camera. May I know how I use this software without camera? Can I scan it use scanner?


7 May 2014

You can download to excel from the website. This is amazing!


4 May 2014

05/03/14 *edit* There's been a major update to CamCard which makes it even better. Much more polished than the first version of CamCard for Windows 8/8.1. I can't say enough how much I love CamCard. I use CamCard on my Windows Phone for capturing the cards. However, I edit the cards on my Surface which is far more convenient due to the bigger screen and Type Cover 2 keyboard. It's been a godsend for my work. My phone and Win8 machine stay synced. This program is one of my must-have Metro apps and completely validates Windows 8 as there is no good equivalent to CamCard in Windows. I was hoping that it'd be cheaper than $9.99 but it was worth it. It only takes one program to make it worth it and CamCard has done it for me.


30 March 2014

The camera rotates everything in a very strange manner and makes the app very difficult to use. The camera should work like a standard camera and the app would be great. No other complaints, but that one is a deal breaker


26 February 2014

its can not read the Arabic

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