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    Massive improvements in performance. Several dashboards available. Sign up and log in in the app. User can repair Source Credentials if failed


Captain Dash enables you to aggregate your data from Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Microsoft Atlas - with more sources to come - to a single platform and produce on-demand, interactive dashboards and KPI to optimize marketing decision making. - All your data is close by and is just a click away from you - Play around with your data to produce better results - Aesthetic and efficient datavisualizations- created by our art directors- give you a complete perspective of your data You will love your first business app: monitor your metrics, improve your performance and increase your ROI on social networks, shops and advertisement campaigns. Smart data, beautiful infographics and cool interface allow you to enjoy the new business intelligence for Marketers.


  • Captain Dash enables you to aggregate your data from Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Atlas to produce on-demand, dashboards and KPI to optimize marketing decision-making.
  • Aggregate your sources, manage Big Data in a blink, and get insights for your e-business or your retail activity.There are no more secret for you about SEO, e-commerce and point of sales analytics
  • Aggregation is the key, get it on this app and have a complete overview of your world. Start having fun for free in this lite version. Become a Data hero!
  • X-Ray your business by synchronizing all your data and get real-time responses.

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22 August 2014

Tells you to create an account to use it but when you do it tells you Opps I must be off on another mission so you can never login.. Also the whole I am captain dash voice thing is kind of childish.


25 July 2014

Cannot create a new account, doesn't appear to be working/active.


1 March 2014

Repeatedly reporting an error when you try to create an account


30 October 2013

I've tried to connect the tool to Twitter several times, but the app returns an error that says, "Oops!! Sorry, something went wrong with the API!!" I'm not able to connect to Twitter at all. Would be great to have this fixed so I can try the app.


4 September 2013

lots of fun very simple to use


15 August 2013

Before the update it worked fine. Now, I am unable to get anything.


4 August 2013

Lots of potential, but it takes a bit of getting used to. Setting it up has not been the easiest, it's not hard, just not very clear. The customization is definitely a strength. It's also FREE! My only criticism other than set-up, is the color scheme. While I personally like it, the peachy-pink coloring can be at times hard reading the text with. If it included a dark gray, slate or black background, those peachy pink and purple colorings would pop quite nicely (hint, hint).


8 July 2013

Very Great app


17 March 2013

There are much better applications to follow up social media


19 February 2013

Wow. Just wow. Finally, some designers went to work on a great Windows 8 App. Don't get me wrong, Win8 is pretty all by itself, but this just shows how much better it can actually be. Service works great, provides amazing insights, and I'm completely in love with this app. Great work!!!

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