Car Builder 3D Free

Want to customize your own personal car? Then go test drive it? Here's your chance! You can change the rims, wings, hood scoop, car color, trim color, rim color, spoiler color, or hood scoop color! When your done with your customized car, go take it for a spin! With endless combinations to your car, modify your car to your liking then go race it around the track! Features: 3D graphics Color wheel for personalized colors Ability to drive customized car Rotation around car Zoom In/Zoom out Brightness adjustment


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30 November 2015

this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


4 August 2015

I love it


27 June 2015

It so cool


16 May 2015

Cool game. I am not fond of the in-app purchases. I would like them for FREE.


14 February 2015

It's nice but it would be better if there was more cars.


26 January 2015

needs to be were you can chose to shape the body


3 January 2015

It's cool, when you first get it😃 but then your face will go like this:😃😊😏😐😒😡😢😠🎇


19 December 2014

It needs some race tracks(not oval) , more cars available, other cars to race with, some higher ramps so I can drive off of and land on a bridge, and some more scenery like rivers and canyons.


4 December 2014

It needs something more


25 November 2014

I have a surface rt and the windows phone. I've always loved my surface, but this app is no way close to the car builder app on my phone. My phone isn't for games, this app should incorporate the coins and car adjustments features. Please make it badass!

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