Car Driving Simulator 3D

The Ultimate Car Simulator 3D Game is finally here!! Car Simulator 3D is one of the most realistic Car Simulator on the Windows 8 Store. Smooth Controls and realistic physics makes it a game to experience once. Be the best Car Driven in the Country playing Car Simulator 3D! You can choose from 10 different Cars in the game to explore the vast city in Car Simulator 3D. What are you waiting for? Its time to get ready and explore the realistic experience of Car Simulator 3D today!! Do rate and review Car Simulator 3D so that we can make it a better game.


  • Realistic Car Control .
  • beautiful City
  • 10 Different Cars

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23 December 2015

No controls appear on the screen on my 8 inch tablet


28 November 2015

This game is so cool and I love all the cars because the are fast and some of them I wish they were my real car. If you don't like this game you must be crazy. I love the other games by this company and the person that made these games is a brilliant person and they must be a really cool person.


30 September 2015

nice in playing ..........


24 September 2015

I luv this game because it's fun and I like driving games😋😆😅😂😞😊😁😃😉😄😇😌😏😐😒😓😔😖😘😚😜😝😠😡😢😣😤✔💴💵💲💯💢💥💨💫💯💬💬💰💩💩💬💦💥


17 September 2015

Play it now!


20 August 2015

how do you go faster its like my car is stuck in first gear?


3 August 2015

great graphics, realistic physics, other cars I can smash into! = awesome game! but I got a notification that said "your purchace could not be made!" is this a scam??? also an idea with all your games! visible damage to the vehicles, day and night, and headlights/brakelights/blinkers! that would be awesome!!!


2 August 2015

I like bumping into others


5 July 2015

I hate games like this. I get ready to play and When I start I find that It will not work for touch.


1 July 2015

I saw this game and I saw I hadn't installed it(I had installed it). Droid-Veda was the maker of that one. I'm confused that you have the same game now under a different publisher.