Car Parking Sim

Help VIP guests go to Christmas Eve Party by parking their cars without bumping Utilize all your driving skills gathered through driving taxis, cabs, police cars and monster trucks to park expensive sports and racing cars of the guests coming to a Christmas Eve Party on a frozen night just across the street. Christmas Eve Car Parking 3D provides you with the opportunity to do far more than just to be a Taxi Driver or Police Car Driver. This unique game requires you to drive cars of the guests and do parallel and reverse parking without damaging the cars. Christmas Eve Party is going on down the street and you have to help Santa Claus by becoming a Valet Parking driver and parking the cars of the guests coming to meet him. These cars have manual gearbox so that you can display your master driving by parking their cars in the parking area, in the basement and on the top floors. The game is set in the realistic 3D snowy environment near a nightclub. Be a parking star and park the cars without bumping them in the wall boundaries or other parked cars. This is not all, this game also requires you to bring the already parked cars for the guests who want to leave the party and go home. Be a happy Valet Parking Driver by making the guests happy. Christmas Eve Car Parking 3D consists of 6 different levels. Each presents to you a different challenge and requires you to exhibit different driving skills. Level 1 is a tutorial that tells you what to do in actual game setting and how to take control of the cars. Level 2 requires you to take keys from the guest arrived at the party at park it in the parking lot. Similarly, Level 3 requires to do parking of 2 cars and afterwards you have to park cars in the basement and top floors and also to bring the already parked cars from the parking lot.


  • Addictive Gameplay and Environment, Simple and Easy Controls, Amazing Christmas Theme, Fascinating Sports and Racing Cars

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8 April 2016

le doy tres estrellas por que es buen juego para aprender a manejar pero de momento no quiere funsionar y se va para los lados