Car Racing Adventure

Car Racing Adventure is one of the best racing games. Avoid Colliding with anything such as trucks, cars or road walls. When car collide with anything, then health decrease. When user collect coins then health increase. Take booster for speed increment. If you are a car racer then play this game and check your expertise. So accept the challenge and play this interesting game. How to Play: For Tablet: - Tilt your tablet device to steer left or right - Tap on the screen for brake and reverse - Speed booster is on the right bottom side of the screen For PC: - Use arrows keys from keyboard to steer left ,right,farward and reverse/brake - Use the speed booster by pressing the space key from keyboard


  • Racing car

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11 September 2015

I hope this is fun I'm on my school tab solo happy bru or bro have a nice day on this game


6 July 2015

Looks fun. It was a little fun. It was freezing on me a lot. And I mean a lot.


22 June 2015

this game is a waste of time I mean I expected a lot more 0 stars of possible


13 June 2015

Pretty lame in general, then freezes when ads pop up.


25 May 2015

my point is it is just stupid I mean you cant control it+the car just takes off without you even hitting the excelorator so my point is unless you want to download a driving game that you cant even control the car DON'T get this game


3 April 2015

The game is uncontrollable it is as if the throttle is stuck wide open, there is no finesse to steering a simple touch of there key and the car turns wildly smashing into walls, etc.


12 March 2015

Can't steer and sucks overall


24 February 2015

Needs a keyboard to play it


18 February 2015

No functiona el control en la tablet...por eso 2stars...fix tablet controls ty