Cars Jigsaw Puzzle

A Fun Jigsaw puzzle App for kids and fans of the movie "Cars". For Privacy Policy, visit


  • Jigsaw puzzle to be solved within a given time frame.
  • Has 3 exciting levels

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26 January 2015

I read the other reviews and hoped the developer updated and fixed this app. But it appears they did not... The puzzles are timed at just 30 seconds which is too short for my little kids. And as the other reviewer said, just pulling the puzzle pieces over towards the middle will usually put the piece in place by itself. I uninstalled this. I don't know why the app developer doesn't fix this, if it worked, I would think it would be a gold mine.


10 August 2013

Please fix. Restart doesn't work on touch click.


4 July 2013

Could be better. You don't actually have to put the pieces in place just drag to center of puzzle and it acts like a magnet and sucks the piece in place. My kid actually was mad cause he didn't get to put the pieces in place.