Castle Smasher

Ready, aim, fire! Load your catapult and SLING BOULDERS at the enemies' castles on a quest to CONQUER the kingdom. Castle Smasher for Windows is the NEW and UPDATED version of the original web game that started a whole new sub-genre of catapult games back in 2007. Travel from castle to castle, challenge new tribes and rescue prisoners in this extended version packed with THREE game modes. Can you master the art of stone slinging? Enjoy another Donut Games release!


  • Works with both Touch and Mouse controls
  • THREE game modes:
  • 1) "Challenges" - new game mode with 50 LEVELS
  • 2) "Arcade" - the classic Castle Smasher game
  • 3) "Target Practice" - randomly generated levels for target practicing
  • Upgradable boulders
  • Castles jam-packed with treasures and bonus items waiting to be plundered
  • Free prisoners and recruit to your army
  • Rock solid controls
  • Donut Games' Collectors Icon #02
  • And much more...