Cat VS Dog

Cat vs Dog is an entertaining game in which these two characters, a dog and a cat, they will face each other in a battle throwing things at each other. To throw the objects you will have to maintain the finger on top of your character. Take into account the wind strength. Controls: Click and Hold your Mouse button on your character to set the power of your throw and release the button to throw. But keep a close eye on the wind direction and set your power accordingly. You can also use the power ups at the top of the game screen. Enjoy the game, even more fun to play with a friend or your child!


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20 December 2015

It was fun but I got bored easy and did not want to play on it.


27 October 2015

Crazy, awesome, wow, cool ,sweet, I have no more words to say


29 August 2015

Funny game! *snicker


16 July 2015

I love love love this game and I have a beaded dragon that I love love love it to


23 June 2015

It has some issues with the look. Having to known that the first slide on the installation screen (this screen) that both cat and dog look bad. This cartoonistic look makes it advertisable, but it still needs effort. I mean look The cat SHOULD be cold to death, and dog should be fucked up by that fire, bound to make them die! The fudge!


4 May 2015

when we fight and are angry...... we play the game and are happy to beat each other


4 April 2015

it automatically exits to start cant play it please help its my fav game


29 September 2014

Good game


22 September 2014



4 September 2014


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