CCC ONE Touch makes it easy to write a vehicle damage estimate. Optimized for tablets, it has integrated VIN-code scanning, photo capture with automatic labelling, and all the powerful features you come to expect with CCC ONE estimating. To log into CCC ONE Touch, you must have a license for CCC ONE estimating with Digital Imaging and must have been granted sufficient permissions. Learn more about licensing CCC ONE, please visit:


  • VIN scan (barcode and QR code)
  • Photo capture
  • Automatic photo labelling
  • Vehicle options
  • MOTOR database
  • Improved vehicle graphics
  • Write/edit estimates and supplements
  • Insurance assignments
  • Realtime synchronization to CCC ONE desktop
  • Designed for touch screens

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7 February 2016

looks great for production management, hoping updates give priority flag editing soon though


18 October 2015

Need option to convert to job from estimate (unless I just haven't found it)......also, need repeat customer feature


27 September 2015

Add the repair plan dates to the signature pdf that is created when signing in as most shops will be using this for authorization forms. Want to be able to email estimate, pdf, and images from the workfile like you can in ccc one. Allow check in without needing the vin just name. Allow complete repair plan without going into ro.


15 September 2015

Each time I write an estimate over 6000 it freezes up and I have to start over.


4 August 2015

The app works pretty well and I love using it for my discovery process. Helps a lot with tow-ins as well! Would love to be able to add notes to the file aside from on the estimate line.


25 June 2015

i'd like to be able to adjust all my account settings but otherwise this app works pretty well.


23 June 2015

Every once in a while it freezes up and I have to restart the tablet and lose all my estimate and have to start over! I hate it


3 May 2015

Needs a few upgrades. Like being able to lock estimates and supplements and upload them.


25 March 2015

We've been using the tablet & app for around 4 months and have been happy with the ease of use and find they have helped us be more efficient overall. Our biggest complaint is the locking up of the app while we are in the middle of writing an estimate or taking pictures. When this happens we loose all our information placed in the estimate, because we have to restart the tablet, which is extremely frustrating. We've spoken with CCC support and were advised to reinstall the app. Since the reinstall the incidents of locking up are less but still occur.


17 February 2015

Needs all the features on it that we have on the regular computer

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