Character Map by Vertigo

Based on the Character Map tool you already know but made just for Windows 8. Easily browse and search for any character in any font. View Unicode information about characters, copy them to the clipboard and even save them as transparent images. Character map was made with software developers in mind and provides extra features for the Segoe UI Symbol font to make it easy to use as icons inside your apps.


  • Supports all installed fonts.
  • Automatically excludes non-printable glyphs.
  • Get Unicode information for each character.
  • Copy as markup to use in apps.
  • Get the Windows developer enumeration name for a character.
  • Search for characters by decimal, hex, or name.
  • Save character as a transparent image of any size.
  • Group characters by code page.

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27 August 2015

I'm using it for icons on buttons in a desktop app so I need to easily see the icons zoomed out and the decimal number. Also the ability to filter out large groups of glyphs is making it faster to find the icon I want


16 February 2015

Easy to use and fits my needs--great free app!


30 December 2014

The character map has proven incredibly useful and I use it almost on a daily basis. The Copy feature is great. I haven't really had a use for the filter. If it's possible to throw down some feature requests: - some way to mark your favorites. - A way to search the metadata (if I type music, have it highlight the Enum: MusicInfo on a font, etc) - A new title card(seriously, call me.)


19 December 2014

DEvelopers FTW


12 June 2014

Forget the Desktop Character Map app, this is the app to get. Most comprehensive and easy to use. It gets my whole 5-Stars, if I had more I will give it. My only wish now is that they add option so save some favorite characters I use most often in a fav list so I can easily reach them instead of searching all over again each time.


10 June 2014

Use this app once, throw away Windows' native character map forever!


30 April 2014

I am simple. This is simple. This makes me happy writing my emails


17 April 2014

Love, love, love this app. Yet another great example of the power and simplicity of the Modern UI. I've already discovered so many great symbols that I didn't know were part of the Segoe UI font family. Kudos to Vertigo! REQUEST: the filter function is cool but I'm wondering if a search could be implemented (e.g., searching for "copyright" or "em-dash," etc.).


1 April 2014

Using these icons all the time. Great tool


28 March 2014

This is a well needed addition to the Windows Store! It provides quick access to find hex values for some of those hard to find Characters. Thanks Vertigo! Awesome App!

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