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    • Added character portrait. • Added a notes field. • Added a watermark to powers that visually shows the damage or effect dice used. • Groups can now be collapsed. • Fixed a crash that resulted from an unhandled item power format.

Character Viewer

This application is an interactive character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. It's utility is completely dependent on the presence of a character file (extension .dnd4e). To get your file you need to use the official tool from the wizards.com web site (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/launch.aspx?x=dnd/dnd/cblaunch). Note that the official tool does not run on Windows RT. You may have to download the file from a different computer. Once you have the file you can use this application to load your character. This application is associated with the .dnd4e extension and will open them by default when they are selected. Or you can launch the application and select the file to load from the file picker. To give you a sample of what the application experience is like without having to jump through these hoops a sample character is included.


  • View all the information you're accustomed to seeing on the first page of your character sheet: ability scores, skills, defenses, hit points, resistances, etc.
  • View secondary information like class features, racial traits, feats, and equipment
  • View all of your powers as cards in a scrolling list
  • Track which powers you have used and add custom notes to powers
  • Use pinch and stretch to fit more power cards on the screen
  • Track damage taken, healing surges, and temporary hit points (via the application bar)
  • Track ongoing damage and conditions
  • Multitask with a functional snap mode
  • Limited customization of filtering and grouping of your powers (via a settings pane)

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28 December 2014

Its very easy to use and it has all information in one single look. The visual is pleasant and the app is perfect to replace your paper character sheet. I just wish this app was updated and compatible with 5th edition. Other reviews described pretty well what could be improved (minor things really)


17 July 2014

I love the ease with which I can see and adjust all of my stats and powers, and view all of my equipment and features. I gave it four stars because I would still like to see the addition of xp tracking, the ability to add loot and coin to your inventory, and the addition of character details like spoken languages, deity, and background.


4 July 2014

1: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will are left blank without any way to fill them in manually. 2: Descriptions of abilities could have more detail, some (Roar of Triumph eg.) have no detail, just the title. With the detail I could basically replace the books and internet searches altogether. 3: On Surface RT in Snap Mode sections get cut off with no way to see the rest. Can scroll up and down, but not left and right. Will gladly change my review with an update or maybe an explanation of what I'm doing wrong.


23 March 2014

I really like this app and I will be using it regularly. I was going to develop my own until I found this one in fact. I have one beef though, I play characters that constantly use the same powers with different weapons. No matter how the character sheet is in the character builder this app will only ever show the first weapon listed on each power. Please add support for multiple weapons on each power like in the character builder. Other wise this is by far the best app I've seen out there and better then my app would ever be. I love the ability to see everything at once. And the ability to make powers smaller to see them all in one screen is so helpful for decision making. I would constantly forget about class and racial features... but not anymore, they're right there. And it's nice to have the actual text of the power when needed as well. Thanks for making this awesome app. Fix the multi weapon issue and the app is perfect in my experience. Easily 5 stars if small issues fixed.


23 February 2014

Just wish I could add in some items while playing (other than a note) but great freaking app


13 November 2013

As the title says, I am using the APP on an HP Envy. Unfortunately, I am using a non-touch screen so I have to use my mouse for everything, which this APP seems much more touchscreen friendly (since you can pinch and move power cards). Although I had a hard time playing with the cards and viewing certain parts (I could not scroll through my feats). I hope that they make this app more PC friendly. I am sure this APP is GREAT on a tablet or touchscreen device. I recommend to touchscreen users.


21 October 2013

I was so surprised by this app! Lets be honest, the app store is pretty weak for us RT users so I wasn't holding my breath when I found this but was pleasantly surprised after putting it to work. My group are beginner 4th edition players and it covers everything we need perfectly. It's clean, clear and drips with quality. My friend searched for a similar app on his iPad, couldn't find one. A WIN for Windows! Looking forward to more great updates. Thanks for making this app!


7 September 2013

This is a great app for DnD. The only thing I can complain about is not having the option to add armor bonuses, update gold, or exp


28 August 2013

This app is perfect in almost every way! Just wish it would let me add my own portrait like the DnDI builder does.


29 June 2013

Although I see a few opportunities for improvement, as mentioned in other reviews..... even this version is INCREDIBLE! Very easy to use, concise, great features.... it is SUPERIOR to anything else I've seen or used. Can't wait until some of the proposed improvements get implemented. Then this thing will be SIX STARS!!! Well done!

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