Chemistry - Periodic Table

Chemistry: Periodic Table is an interactive Periodic Table – informative, well-designed and user-friendly. Great for anyone taking Chemistry or who might need to study for science tests! This app contains almost comprehensive information about each element: - Its position in the table; - Its number, period, group; - Original Latin name; - Many basic physical characteristics; - Its date of discovery; - A special link for itemized information. You can select the chemical elements and view the crystal lattice of atoms. As for the color schemes, they help you to remember the location of the elements. So, you will be able to find the elements you need quickly. The Periodic Table became the most useful chemistry reference for lots of pupils and students all over the world. Download Chemistry: Periodic Table and make use of this genius table too!


  • to study the chemical elements!
  • to explore the key attributes of the elements!
  • to reference the table at a quick glance!