Cheshire's Cheese Nightmares

"I've heard about the cat who got the cream, Cheshire, but you're the cat who got the cheese. And the cheese, if you please, disagrees with you quite strongly!" said Alice, peering curiously into Cheshire's Cheese Nightmares. Join Cheshire the Cat on a mind-bending journey through a psychedelic dreamscape, in Cheshire's Cheese Nightmares. This is the first game in 20+ years to bring together writer and programmer Colin Jones, and graphics artist Chris Graham, responsible for 90s UK classics Slightly Magic and Rock Star Ate My Hamster. A new kind of game, for a new kind of timeslot, featuring a soundtrack by Josh Woodward, voice artist Kimmypops, and a cyberdelic experience of unknown delights. Warning: Flashing lights, transcendental imagery, and an unparalleled trip into the depths of an altogether wilder reality.


  • Wild cyberdelic imagery
  • Remarkable, curious gameplay
  • Strangely uplifting and relaxing