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Citrix Receiver

Requires a specific configuration. Ask your IT department how to get started. Citrix Receiver lets you access enterprise files, applications, and desktops on the go. If your company uses Citrix, you can work on your favorite Windows 8 or RT computer or tablet from wherever you are. For extra functionality, consider using the full Receiver for Windows. You can download it at http://citrix.com/receiver.


  • Secure access to virtual desktops and enterprise apps
  • Work anywhere on any Windows 8 computer or tablet
  • Account configuration using your email address, a server URL, or a provisioning file
  • Use of multiple published apps at a time
  • Automatic keyboard display
  • Use of native controls for selecting an item from a list
  • Pan and zoom gestures
  • Windows 8 shortcuts
  • East Asian languages input
  • Option to save your password if allowed by server

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23 May 2016

Zero functionality - windows don't size properly, apps don't load - don't waste your time.


5 May 2016

Connects but then does not show apps


18 April 2016

App allows me to connect but gives access to none of my apps or desktops. If there is zero functionality, why is the app even published? Fair warning - do not install this version if you need something for work. Ridiculous when my Apple laptop can use Citrix but not my Windows machine...


11 April 2016

it is messing up my remote connection from work and we are a huge company and our IT can't even get it to work!! Do not load it!! Should be zero stars but cannot post with zero.


8 April 2016

Installed Citrix and all my apps are not installed.


4 December 2015

Unable to connect to work Citrix. Ver works great.


2 November 2015

Unable to open work apps, even with IT help??@# totally UN User friendly!!!!


17 September 2015

app is slow . Only works half on the time . very unreliable .


5 September 2015

Seriously, never had a problem with Citrix until Windows 8.1. Now, the app is complete junk. I connect, click on an item, and nothing happens. Nice work guys. As a developer, I feel very sorry for you. If I did my job the way that you do yours, I would be UNEMPLOYED.


3 September 2015

seriously... I want the old receiver back... when I'm running a session it keeps kicking me back to the sign in page. I don't want it to interface with storefront from a home device... just a simple web interface like the old days.

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