City Island 2

If you liked City Island and other early simulation tycoon games, you will definitely love this new citybuilder game! Install the game, join the fun now - it's free! In City Island 2 you will build houses for your citizens, decorations and community buildings to make them happy, arrange transport via a trainstation and trains, and create jobs so you can earn money and gold from your happy citizens. People in your own city will provide quests and feedback on how well you are doing! Furthermore, you can decorate your city by placing walking paths, rivers, railroads with trains, parks and hundreds more fun and beautifully designed items. If you like playing free-to-play citygames, building a virtual city on City Island 2 is your best choice! City Island 2 - Building Story is the sequel of the popular City Island game -also by Sparkling Society- which has been downloaded approximately 10 million times. In this game, you will create your own story by developing your tiny village into a large city, with a trainstation and transport for your citizens. Discover a life in a virtual world full of quests where you have the power to build a business empire with a choice of 150+ unique items on your paradise island. It is all about balance and being creative in this city sim game. You have all the power in this epic story: have hours of free fun on this fabulous exotic island! ** FEATURES ** - Fun FREE to play tycoon game - Tablet support - HIGH QUALITY graphics - Intuitive gameplay with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements - Enjoy fun quests to help you create your own virtual paradise in this free-to-play citygame! - Build and decorate a beautiful island with more than 150 unique items, be creative! - Currencies: gold and cash - Attract citizens with parks, trees, a railway with trains, boats, decorations and community buildings - Collect profit from your commercial buildings - Upgrade your city buildings - Help your citizens build a city on this exotic island story - Collect XP and level up to unlock a new building for construction - Collect dozens of REWARDS while playing - Expand your city to create more room for constructing more buildings, and progress your village to a metropolis with tall buildings - Speed up construction / upgrade time - Lots of adventure and quests to unlock - Expand your city over land and sea - Many hours of free fun ** PLEASE NOTE! ** City Island 2 is free to play, however some game items such as virtual currencies gold and cash, can also be purchased for real money in the price range of a few dollars/euros to approximate 90 dollar/euro


  • Build your own virtual city on this beautiful island! Popular new citygame!
  • This bounty island is yours! Now build a beautiful city with happy people on it!

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25 January 2016

For some reason I can't play this game on my tablet don't know why I'm not giving this game any stars


1 January 2016

Screen constantly turns black within the first minute or two of game play. Uninstalling. Too bad, thought it would be a fun game.


22 November 2015

But every time I try to adjust the screen without zooming in or out it turns black this issue is workable.


15 November 2015

This game works wonderfully on my android phone, however on my windows tablet I get a black screen every 5 minutes. Why can't this application work as well as its original platform version.


27 September 2015

Nope stupied


24 September 2015

it says to renew my developers licence,wont a level 38 city!very discouraging please fix for five stars


18 August 2015



15 August 2015

The mobile version is pretty good but in the pc version I can't drag the map with mouse. Please fix this as soon as possible