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  • Published by: Alexey Garbuzenko ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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  • Notes:
    - added Super Moves functionality to move stack of cards using free cells - fixed timer saving - fixed card flicker during dragging - imroved double tap recognition - misc fixes and improvements

Classic FreeCell HD

Classic FreeCell solitaire game. Looks and feels just as old desktop PC FreeCell that we played for a long time. Same scoring system, graphics, king image.


  • small and fast
  • no unneeded features, no custom weird card images
  • automated moves and super moves for card stacks
  • double tap to move card to free cell
  • works on desktops and tablets

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11 September 2014

Game doesn't always deal all 52 cards.


12 August 2014

The options, such as animation and automatic move are not selectable. The app crashes, from time to time, when making an illegal move. There is no re-start of the same game. It's a very disappointing app.


14 February 2014

I will not be purchasing this. Bring back the original version. Sorry now I had to purchase a new computer resulting in the loss of the original game


20 December 2013

Played a game that had no seven of diamonds. Impossible to win with a deck of only 51 cards!


22 October 2013

The game doesn't function properly on my machine. Cards disappear from view and I can't get them back! Impossible to play.


15 September 2013

Classic my left foot! I don't like this version because it doesn't let me know statistics on wins/losses/games played. Also, I don't like the automatic moves to the pile. It destroys any strategy that I might want to use. Microsoft should be ashamed for dropping my old Classic FreeCell.


2 September 2013

My mom installed this on her nice new Windows 8 computer (which didn't come with freecell) and hates it. With automatic moves, it always takes every card it can to the foundation piles, making completely different gameplay than the classic one. She wants to go back to using her old computer which is a piece of junk, because the old freecell game is better. Boo to Microsoft for dropping Freecell from Windows, and boo to maker of Classic FreeCell HD for claiming it's like the Microsoft version.


9 August 2013

if you use automatic moves it moves every single card it can of a suit up, and you can only reverse the last card. For example, if you have an ace of clubs up and expose the 2, 3, and 4 of clubs by moving a card the 2, 3, 4 all go up even if you haven't exposed any other aces and still need these low number clubs. I lost a game due to this. I planned to use the 3 and put a 2 onto it, and the 3 was gone. If you turn off automatic moves this doesn't occur, but then not even aces go up on their own


1 August 2013

I tried it. I bought it. But the one I got was not the one shown or tried. I don't know how they slipped in another. Now, I must find another one. I did not get the one I purchased.


31 July 2013

the try portion of that sucks cards keep disappearing from the deck and some games missing card after trying for free and this is what I should expect with purchase one I will not

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