CleverToDo is a task management application. Manage your tasks efficiently. This To Do application is based on “Get Things Done” methodology created by David Allen. Slick and intuitive design allows you to focus on tasks. Simplify your daily life, reduce stress and stay productive. Task management is the most important application to have on your Windows 8. CleverToDo is a must have application to stay productive in your everyday life. Try it for FREE and understand how it can help you to save time and money every day. Need more info try to visit our website Please send questions and comments to:

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23 January 2015

I have waited so long for Clever ToDo to come to the desktop. Just tried opening Wunderlist on my desktop and got a malware alert. Done with that. Please, please, some kind of Live Tile and I won't ask for anything else. Still the best task app on Windows Phone. And soon, hopefully on Windows PC as well.


23 November 2014

As the previous reviewer said, sync is erratic. It doesn't seem to sync automatically, & even when you hit synchronize it doesn't sync to the cloud so that your lists appear on other devices. Other programs (gTasks, for example) work much more flawlessly, even though you have to do a work around to apply GTD principles.


29 September 2014

I have been a big fan of the GTD system and was excited to see this app. I love the layout compared to other GTD system apps I have used. However, they syncing is not consistent especially between the tablet app and the phone. The only time I have had a task sync to all devices is when I create one from the website. This is not okay. In order for this app to be truly useful the syncing has to work 100% every time otherwise I cannot trust it and will now use it. I hope they can work out the syncing as the design is really great.


16 September 2014

Syncs tasks with my windows phone , would highly recommend, great productivity tool