CodeBox is a free programmer tool that allows you to edit source code, compile and execute. It supports more than 50 languages including C, Java, C++, C#, Node.js, Ada and many more. Its programmer editor supports syntax highlighting for more than 15 languages. CodeBox also provides built-in brief tutorials and source code for several computer science topics (growing content!).


  • Online program compile and execution.
  • Programmer editor with syntax highlighting.
  • More than 50 programming languages!
  • Allows program intput line by line.
  • Built-in tutorials (growing content!).

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21 February 2015

This app would be perfect, but all it needs Intelligence, different themes, and a ads free paid version.


10 January 2015

BIG no no for programming. One needs to save their work to develop a program. Ads are also really annoying. For stars if added saving and opening.


26 March 2014

While it's nice to finally have a working interpreter on Windows RT, I really wish I could save my code. Doesn't seem that difficult.


6 March 2014

(1) "CodeBox" vs. "Compile O Matic"? CodeBox wins hands down -- CodeBox, while it compiles, has no user input support and it's text editor leaves much to be desired. Both CB and COM lose to "Code Writer" in text editors, but CB is a very close follow. (2) In-app tutorials are very impressive. I was rather dubious, but the tutorials have nice descriptions, and moving gifs that are very helpful in understanding code. While limited so far, it's a wonderful start. (3) Supports tons of languages. However, finding the language you want is a bit difficult at first. It would be nice to have the different icons for different languages be different colors for quick selection (like in CW). (4) Input after compilation is not yet supported.


20 February 2014

The GOOD - this is the first app where I successfully seen my code run on an RT tablet. The ability to compile and run code for different languages is great! The BAD - Writing code requires focus, and the obnoxious ads spanning the left side of the screen have got to go. at least offer an option to purchase the app to get rid of the ads.


4 February 2014

I like it has everything you need! but I don't like how a programmer has to go to a new page to put in the input


8 November 2013

The annoying ads. only made it worst than it was. I didn't understand any of it. I tried the simple hello world and it didn't want to add the double quotes like the example does, so I added single quotes but it didn't work though it was suppose to. I still got around to adding the double quotes but I still got the error when I ran it. Like I said what a mess it was :( poorly made I'm uninstalling cause I'm not having fun with it at all. Please no more ads.

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