Cold Space

Destroy the alien-armada in the infinite space before it reaches the earth! Compete with other players in this science fiction shoot’em up and become the best pilot in the universe! Cold Space awaits you: • Numerous different enemies • Constantly changing challenges in your league • State of the art 3D graphics and sound effects • Fierce boss battles • Fantastic weapons, power-ups and drones • Classic arcade action with impressive 3D visuals Get ready to fire! Help and feedback - Gameforge -

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26 April 2015

Not a good game don't waste your time. Terrible game no stars!!!!!!! but had to give one.


11 October 2014

For whatever reason, this game would orient itself perpendicularly to my display's orientation on my SP1. This meant I could only see half the screen. I wish I could have made it work.


24 August 2014

The game is fun seeming and has good graphics and cool power-ups. Unfortunately it seems designed to get the user to purchase credits to really enjoy the game...with real money. I think I would even be willing to purchase the game if I could just play it and have some extra lives and continues, etc. Anyway, the concept initially brought me back, but after seeing how it worked, I quickly decided to uninstall it. I think this would be an awesome game with the changes mentioned....I don't want to play a game where I constantly have to put quarters in to keep playing.


24 May 2014

This game is very old school with a few new perks! Good graphics and gameplay! If you like classics like 1943 then this is a must have.