Colored Blocks

GOT BORED!!!! Energize yourself . Enjoy one of the world’s most famous and classic game of Blocks popularly known as Tetris in new improved and revised form . Use your innovative skills with the Colored Block puzzles and have fun when you go to arrange the Bricks . Tap and Drag the blocks to arrange the blocks in Grid Board and get scores the same old way by filling up the Rows as well as Columns ; Dual scoring opportunity . Arrangement seems easy in the beginning but as number of blocks increases , it definitely challenges your skill . Continue your play unless you are out of move. Easy to learn but you need some puzzle solving strategy to master the game of legend . You will soon be in obsession with the game and can’t resist without playing it daily . Be the brainchild of the new structures that you will be creating in the Grid Board .


  • 10+ different block models to arrange that definitely will challenge your ability .
  • Tap , Drag and Drop features with comfortable one finger operation.
  • Suitable for all age groups .
  • New eye catching looks and cool UI with colorful blocks to arrange .

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30 May 2015

Great looks with great controls . puzzle is never so colourful before .......enjoying spare time arranging blocks.


28 May 2015

Great looks and outstanding UI with new concept of scoring .Loved this one . 5 stars ***** .