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  • Published by: NicoVermeir ?
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    - App works again (ComicVine changed their API, app is adjusted to work with the new changes) - empty columns don't show up anymore - fixed logout bug

Comic Cloud

Comic Cloud is an app is meant for comic book collectors. It can search a wide range of information about comics, going from characters to artists and even locations in the books, and it can keep track of your collection and the books you still need to read.


  • Track your comic book collection
  • Your collection gets saved in the cloud, your collection follows you everywhere!
  • Search an immense library of comic information

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1 February 2014

Simply doesn't work


26 January 2014

Finally figured out how to add comics to my collection and then they don't show up


19 July 2013

Most reviews say that the app doesn't work. But it Does. To put something in your collection you find the comic u want to add the right click and on the bottom bar there will be a button that says Add To Collection. But I don't see what the Point of it is.


11 April 2013

This app keeps asking me if I "want to start my collection" but when I click on that it goes to the "view my collection" page and never lets me add a comic to my collection. The whole reason I got this app was to keep track of all my print comics, which I CAN'T do on this app. This app has one saving grace is has a lot of good information about comics. so if you want to learn more about a specific character, series, or Franchise this app can actually help you with that.


13 March 2013

As of March 2013, this app just doesn't seem to work. It retrieves info about comics, but the personal collection feature is broken. You can add comics to your collection but your collection remains empty. Other bugs are annoying like the mouse-wheel scroll works only some of the time. Clicks don't seem to register or have a long delay. This is a great concept but needs lots of work.


6 March 2013

After installing and uninstalling 3 times, there is no change. This app opens, and then does practically nothing. Clicking on "My Collection" takes you to a screen that doesn't give you the option to add anything to your collection. If you want to read some basic summaries of various titles, by all means, read Wikipedia. If you're like me, and looking for a functional application to track your collection for a convention, don't waste your time. If I could give it zero stars, I would.


11 February 2013