Commando Shooting 3D

Commando Shooting is a 3D third (3rd) Person Shooting sci-fi action packed free game which provides user a space station environment which will take you to the fantasies of modern warfare. In this mission game the frontline commando is provided with modern hi tech assault rifles whose one kill shot is enough for the marine. You have to shoot all the rebellions on the space station. These military spec ops in a sci-fi environment full of enemy soldiers and you are fully equipped for your mission with the modern shooting weapons. You have to go through space station and shoot the enemies to achieve your objective. The story of this free action game Commando Shooting 3D is based in a cyber-station attacked by the rebellions and killed all the frontline commando shooters in the station. The aim of the enemies is to stop the launching of a satellite and takeover the cyber controls of the country.You are the last veteran shooter and the last hope to shoot all the enemies to save the space station. Step into the boots of a veteran shooter have the courage to fight on the frontline against the enemies and have to zest to prefer your national interests over your life. Game Play: The mesmerizing and addictive gameplay of Commando Shooting 3D gives you a sci-fi environment with 3D rendered graphics available free on play store. The game starts and you are posing as a frontline commando and your only duty is shooting all the attacking rebellions and thrash their dreams of taking the cyber control of the state. You have limited health and a lot of ammo in hand to carry out these spec ops. More levels and extra features are coming soon in updates. Best of luck. Commando Shooting 3D offers you:  Realistic Third Person shooter Controller  Mesmerizing 3D Sci-Fi environment  Realistic Sci-fiEnvironment  Modern weapon for player  Radar vision  Well-built storyline  Difficult addictive spec ops.  Enemy characters with unique attack, defence characteristics and AI-  Efficient weapon controls & movement  Well-built storyline How to play:  Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon  Use the joystick to move your character  Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault  Use the scope button to aim closer