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    Updates include bug fixes and feature updates. For details on any new features included in this release, refer to http://aka.ms/intuneupdates.

Company Portal

The Company Portal provides access to corporate apps and resources from almost any network. Your company must already subscribe to Microsoft Intune, and your IT admin must set up your account before you can use this app. Features: • Enroll to access corporate resources • Browse and install company apps • View and manage all your enrolled devices • View IT department contact information • Unenroll or remotely wipe devices Important: This app requires you to use your work account to enroll in Intune. Some functionality is unavailable in certain countries. If you have issues with this app or questions about its use (including your company’s privacy policy) contact your IT administrator and not Microsoft, your network operator, or your device manufacturer.


  • Company apps – browse, search and install apps made available to you by your company
  • Computer/device enrollment – manage enrollment with Microsoft Intune for your computer and devices, as well as the ability to remote wipe certain device type
  • Contact IT – easily locate contact information

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27 March 2015

I haven't been able to use this app as I can't log in as others have mentioned it.


8 February 2015

Vaporware app needs to be fixed or removed from the store.


1 October 2014

I have never been able to get this to run even on my domain joined machine. It always, always fails with a service error but lists all the services as having no problems.


17 September 2014

Works great in any Intone environment


5 September 2014

I'm getting an error saying it can't connect to the service but when I look at the service status everything looks good. Also, there is no way to change my account that I'm loggin in with.


23 August 2014

Typed my corporate username, hit tab so I could type my password, but it instead it tries to log me in. Then it gives me an error about service usage which doesn't help. I hit the back button to where it brings me to a page with a sign in button. I click it thinking its going to ask me for my username and password again...NOPE. Tries logging me in again and brings up the same error message. If I could put no stars, I would.


9 August 2014

Could use proper progress indicators when installing apps. so slow to install apps!


17 June 2014

Fails to log in using my corporate account on a domain-joined machine, with an unhelpful error message. The Service Status page doesn't help me either. Last week I tried several times to log in from a non-domain VM, and never succeeded.


16 April 2014

Installed app on a non-domain joined machine. Prompted me for an Organizational Account When I provided my @microsoft.com Org Account, it takes me to authenticate @ adfsintf0-30.gtm.corp.microsoft.com Then it gave me the following error: User Name Recognized This user account is not authorized to use Windows Intune. Contact your system administrator if you think you have received this message in error.


7 April 2014

Contact your System Administrator if you believe you have received this message in error. Really? Hey Intune, the nineties called and they want their error message back. It's my Corporate Account, so I would assume that the Company Portal has me on file but apparently not? Fancy.

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