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    - Upload videos to incidents and file repository - Brand new Windows 10 interface - Offline support - Customize fields within an audit - Integrate accounting software - Global search - Include images in audit cover page


Conduct audits and inspections in a fraction of the time with CompWALK’s cloud-based compliance and quality management solution. Data is stored at the time of collection and custom reports are issued immediately. Track incidents to resolution, giving admins complete visibility into actionable data uncovered during an assessment. Some key features include: • Unlimited customizable questions and assessments • Conduct ‘quick’ assessments on the fly • Configure dashboards for admin • Integrate into existing systems • Supports offline auditing • Take photos and videos to include in incidents and reporting ��� Deploy to existing devices (iOS, Windows, and Android) • Export PDF reports • More admin control, less IT intervention • Driving directions • Canned comments for common findings CompWALK includes the following modules: • Audit Manager - Manage, create and schedule unlimited audits with unlimited questions. Conduct your on-site audit or survey with your Windows Phone or laptop including real-time data synchronization. You can upload images or supporting documentation quickly and easily. • File Manager - Store all of your audit or survey documentation - from pictures to slides to spreadsheets - in one, convenient place. Upload, download, and organize your files with seamless ease. File Manager gives all designated users access to a convenient, centralized repository across all platforms and devices. • Incident Manager - When you uncover a compliance or quality issue that needs to be addressed, just log it once and the system will track the issue through to resolution. Issues can be prioritized and color coded for an at-a-glance status. CompWALK empowers you to conduct audits, store related files, document issues and track them to resolution while sharing data in real-time. Whether you are searching for a quality management system, safety inspection solution, facilities management software or an easier way to conduct It’s compliance…made easy. “With CompWALK, our surveyors only need one device and our staff has the results immediately after the inspection is completed. What once required multiple systems and countless hours to produce a single survey report, is now done within a single intuitive system and all within the timeframe of a single inspection. CompWALK enables BOC to provide faster and friendlier customer service, while creating operational efficiencies at a fraction of the cost.” Jeff Price, MCP, COO at BOC Contact us to schedule a demo and begin your free trial at info@compwalk.com.


  • Manage, create and schedule unlimited audits with unlimited questions.
  • Supports offline auditing - continue your audit if there is no internet connection at all or a spotty signal. Data is synced automatically when a connection is restored.
  • Upload pictures, videos, files etc. and attach them to specific audits and incidents to provide as much information as possible.
  • File repository - store and manage all relevant files in one, easy-to-access location. Ability to share files via email from the app. Sort files by date and file-type and include tags for reference.
  • Configure dashboards for an at-a-glance status of audits and incidents.
  • Reporting - customize reports to show data important to your admins and customers then export reports to a PDF file.
  • Incident manager - all incidents are stored in one, convenient location, color-coded by severity with the ability to customize escalation to decision-makers.
  • Include turn-by-turn directions in your scheduled audits to ensure your workforce gets their on-time.
  • Integrate your accounting software to eliminate double data-entry and human error, accurately recording and reporting information one time.

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