Conservative Talk Radio for Windows 8 and 8.1

Conservative Talk Radio

Use this app and tune into your favorite conservative talk radio shows. Live streaming includes: - Rush Limbaugh - Michael Savage - Sean Hannity - Hugh Hewitt - Mark Levin - Don Imus - Lou Dobbs - William Bennett - Laura Ingraham - Glenn Beck - Michael Medved - Mark Levin Replay - Dennis Prager - Dennis Miller - Weekend Best of Rush Limbaugh - Jim Villanucci - Billie Cunningham Listen live to these talk radio stations with one click: - KCAA 1050 AM - WBOB AM 600 Jacksonville - KYFO - 107.5 WCHV News Talk - 770 KKOB - KSFO 560 San Francisco - WOKV Jacksonville - NewsTalk 1420 AM WHK These stations let you listen to all the top shows: Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and more! A must have for any conservative!


  • Listen live to talk radio shows
  • Listen by station or show when on air

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23 March 2015

it is a good idea but it needs work, and I think I paid for this one, does not work, kicks me out, just not worth it, sorry


22 January 2015

I recently download the App and went to select the radio tap of the person I wanted to listen to, but App just takes me back to start screen and doesn't open any thing...just dead!! I will be uninstalling it! Glad I didn't purchase it just trying it out...


26 February 2014

Crashes as soon as it is open.


21 February 2014

The worse app in the store. Does not respond and closes immediately when opened.


12 November 2013

I will work at getting a refund, but you shouldn't. I get the feeling this was created by the same folks who brought us ObamaCare--seriously. I tried it on my Windows 8 Laptop and it doesn't work there, either. For fun, I downloaded a free radio app and it works beautifully. Also, I have an iPad and the app functions on it but almost never the personality I selected. Just move along.


22 March 2013

I like the way the app was set up with the different talk show hosts you could click on to hear their show, but when I clicked on Hannity it was a completely different person. When I clicked on Beck I got Hannity. Wouldn't pay for this, glad there was a trial. I would pay for this though if the kinks were worked out and there was a local radio link as well