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Course for Keynote: Mac & iOS

Watch this in-depth 43-tutorial course, from our resident Apple guru Francesco Schiavon, to learn how to create attractive and informative presentations using Apple’s Keynote software on your Mac, iOS devices and iCloud! Are you tired of boring slide presentations? Have you ever suffered from PowerPoint Poisoning? If so, there is hope! In this course, with Apple expert Francesco Schiavon, you see how quickly and easily beautiful digital presentations can be created using Apple’s next-generation Keynote software. Start the “heavy lifting” of setting up the basic presentation outline on your Mac at home, then access your presentation from your iPad, or even your iPhone, to quickly add or remove slides and other objects in your presentation as you get new ideas. If you’re collaborating with a team, learn how to safely and securely edit, view and manipulate your Keynote presentation... even if other team members can only access iCloud in a Windows browser... in a far corner of the globe! In this course, you learn to keep your audience engaged with attractive and captivating transitions and builds as well as work with beautiful animatable 3D charts and graphs for maximum visual impact! But Keynote is not only about the viewers! Control the presentation remotely with the presenter display... particularly important if you’re not the person doing the presenting! Once the presentation is over, you see how to export and share your finished “show” with others who couldn’t be physically present on that day. So, get your message out with Keynote's amazing and immersive next-generation presentations by watching this and all the other courses in our continuing Apple Productivity Series! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. What is a Keynote Presentation? 3. Creating New Presentations (OS X) 4. New Presentations (iOS & iCloud) 5. Adding Text & Images (OS X) 6. Adding Text & Images (iOS) 7. Replacing Images (iOS & iCloud) 8. Formatting Text & Objects (OS X) 9. Formatting Text & Objects (iOS & iCloud) 10. Editing Images (OS X) 11. Image Transparency & Framing (iOS) 12. Adding Slides in OS X 13. Adding Slides in iOS & iCloud 14. Intro to Transitions & Builds 15. Adding Transitions in OS X 16. Transitions in iOS & iCloud 17. Editing Transitions (OS X) 18. Editing Transitions (iOS) 19. Same transition for Multiple Slides 20. Adding Build Ins (OS X) 21. Understanding Build Order 22. Action & Build Out 23. Builds in iOS & iCloud 24. The Build Order in iOS 25. Working with Tables (OS X) 26. Working with Charts (OS X) 27. Tables in iOS & iCloud 28. Charts in iOS 29. Animating Tables & Charts 30. Presenter Notes 31. Hardware Scenarios 32. The Presenter Display 33. Setting up Remote Control 34. Presenter Display on iPhone 35. From iOS to Apple TV 36. Sharing as PowerPoint 37. Other Export Formats 38. Print to PDF 39. Conclusions & Credits 40. How iCloud Works 41. Setting Up iCloud 42. Open & Save Dialogue Boxes 43. iCloud File Management


  • This tutorial by Francesco Schiavon
  • In-depth Professional Training
  • Clear presentations and explanations
  • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
  • HD Video Tutorials