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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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  • Notes:
    We listened to your feedback! Changes in this update: - You can now adjust the number of turns when starting a game - Several pre-made maps have been added - New casual mode that makes the game easier but you cannot earn medals - Pigs now do not get "full" until the turn after you feed them - Achievements and local stat tracking have been added to the game - Added an in-game help screen that shows point values and costs - Player score is now calculated on the fly and displayed during the game - Everything except money is now worth more points - Numerous other bugfixes and tweaks.

Critter Farm

You are a poor farmer looking to make it big. In Critter Farm, the object of the game is to go from rags to riches by buying and selling critters, while growing food to feed both yourself and your critters during the harsh winter. Run out of food and energy and your flock will starve and you won't make it! You can also earn medals and achievements for completing in-game challenges! Critter Farm combines puzzle and strategy gameplay to deliver a fast paced mobile gaming experience!


  • Part strategic resource management part farm sim
  • Randomly generated maps ensure a new experience every game
  • Different seasons change the way the game is played
  • Balance energy consumption with feeding critters to keep your flock alive
  • Compete with your friends for score based medals
  • Casual mode available for new players
  • Earn achievements as you play
  • Regular content updates to add new gameplay features

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24 December 2013

Not too shabby of a game. It would be better if the objective was a little bit more clear - what things should I build to ensure I get the most points at the end? And how do I earn a medal? I couldn't find these things in the instructions. Also, it wasn't clear how much energy/money/materials actions would require to be performed, it was mostly trial and error and memorization. Has the makings of an interesting game, but needs more direction!


10 November 2013

Has a learning curve but it's pretty addicting to try and get the next score medal each time you play.


19 October 2013

This game is so awesome you. Should get it what are you reading this for get the. App now! If you like minecraft then you will like this game.


22 September 2013

Good game but pigs need to either drop in price or wait a turn to get fat as you can earn money without ending your turn