Cube Cooker

Cube Cooker is a fun game that tests a player's reactions and concentration. Cube Cooker defeated close to 100 teams to win the Best Design Award at the Windows Store Apps Development Carnival, organized by Microsoft at the end of 2012. The game is set in a world of magic and great food. It is occupied by many adorable and individually unique magic creatures and spirits, such as Banana Knight, Eggplant Monster, and many more. The rules are very simple. Just follow the instructions and press the correct buttons in the 3x3 square to win points. However, a number of traps and tools are also hidden in the buttons. They are the key to high scores!! In addition, for a better gaming experience, the game is available in three languages, Chinese, English, and Japanese. For left-handed players, a left/right button switch mode is also available, offering better control. The following features will be offered in future updates as well: 1. Battle Mode: An online mode will be added, so in addition to the single-player experience, a player will also be able to compete against friends or other players around the world. 2. Ladder Leaderboard: The game will record the win-loss records in Battle Mode, to show your world ranking. 3. Encyclopedia: Monsters encountered by the player can be collected and placed in the Encyclopedia, which contains information on the monsters. Want to know more about this game's appeal? Or want to test your own reactions and concentration? Download this game now and start playing!


  • Left/right button switch: Switches controls according to player preference.
  • Multi-Languages supported (English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese): Switches between different languages.
  • Ranking: Records every game score and allows players to challenge their own records.
  • Tools and traps: Create different effects such as adding time, freezing, blinding, and stunning.
  • Pause game: Pause the game at any time, without being affected by anything.

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19 February 2014

The whole point of the game is to follow the order of the icons that they give you at the top of the screen. Overall great game for children.


8 February 2013

Game now includes tutorial. *** first the "tutorial" it displays before a game starts was definitely not clear enough for me to understand what the heck to do. Once I got it, game was pretty easy. Also pretty weird. Decent way to kill some time I guess. Somehow I did encounter a bug where my round evidently ended, and my score values were all zeros. Then I click play again, game would almost start but then go back to that screen. Fixed itself after two attempts though.


7 February 2013

Just matches the one on the left side of the bar. Not on the right.


28 January 2013

the tutorial last all but 2 seconds, I had no idea what to do. uninstalled


26 January 2013

Very fan