Calculate and convert amounts between currencies, and view exchange rates and travel charts. Simply tap the active display to open or close the calculator. All exchange rates are cached locally, so no internet connection is required for use. This makes it ideal to minimize expensive data roaming charges when travelling. The Currency App uses official exchange rates published by national central banks, and was developed by Cloanto's Currency System team, leaders in currency solutions for Windows since 1998.


  • Includes Calculator and Travel Chart
  • Select any number of favorite currencies
  • Uses official exchange rates published by central banks
  • Always ready to work offline
  • Supports portrait, landscape and snapped view
  • Advertising-free
  • Privacy-conscious app permissions

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12 October 2014

I don't need the virtual keyboard on my laptop. It's annoying to wait the virtual keyboard expanded and collapsed. Without virtual keyboard I can show 3 more currencies on side bar.


24 October 2013

it doesn't works at all


15 October 2013

From Indonesia (y) Mantap


29 September 2013

Oh ok so to my surprise the currency I was looking for seemed to low so I googled it and compared with others and found out that in fact it was not so you can't trust this data.


10 September 2013

We need more developers like the people who made this app. More apps like these and Windows 8 (which I love) will completely destroy Mac!!!


13 October 2012

1 € = 12200 USD !?! or 1€ = 77835 GBP !?! guess a fix is needed.


4 September 2012

no auto update, no rearrange of currencies in list, no live tiles


2 September 2012

nice, but autoupdate corrancy would be great


30 August 2012

There are some country's currencies that are doubled and there are some that are missing like the Macedonian Denar-MKD.


29 August 2012

Very good app, really useful

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