Cute Kids Pajama Party Makeover

The girls have gathered for a fantastic sleepover, make it the best one ever! Violet, Luna, Lily, and Grace have all come together for one of the best PJ party of the year! This is going to be a sleepover that the girls will not soon forget. Each girl is a precious princess and is ready for a fantastic Pajama Party, they are looking forward to a night of fun and ending it with a beautiful makeover. As a sleepover game, Pajama Party Makeover will let you give the girls a lovely spa day, make up and dress up, This is definitely one PJ party that the girls have been looking forward to for a long time! So you have to make it one they will remember. Treat each girl like a princess and give them a beautiful makeover that they deserve, make sure each girl is more beautiful than the last! Give the girls a variety of makeover options after you give them a refreshing time at the spa, followed by giving them a lovely round of make up, and end it by giving them beautiful clothes to dress up to sleep in for the night. So what are you waiting for? A whole night of fun and adventure is waiting for you! Don't forget to turn out the lights!