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    D-Day Countdown is at the #AdDuplex HERO App! Lite version also provides FULL TILE COLOR option from now! 1. Photo tile feature! - Set your own photo or picture as a tile background image. - Also affects on Live Tiles. 2. Smart date calculation at the detail page. - Displays D-100,200... 100th day, 200th day at once for the convenience. 3. Fixing Windows8.1 date calculation bug. - In the certain environment of Windows8.1, number displayed on the Live Tile differs from the number in the application. - To fix this issue, go to [Setting] and check the 'Fix' checkbox. 4. Online D-Day Countdown announcements will be shown at the bottom of the app. 5. Minor bug fixed.

D-Day Countdown Lite with Live Tile

Counting remaining days or passed days with Live Tile feature. Countdown your special dates. It's quick and easy! D-Day Countdown is simply the answer! D-Day Countdown is at the #AdDuplex HERO App! Live Tile Enabled! - Counting remaining/passed days - Count the target date as day one or day zero - 'Live Tile' at Start Menu - Multiple countdown tiles* - Various tile colors - Photo tiles - Drag to re-order tiles - Simple & intuitive design * Pro Version provides more than 2 tiles! You may purchase D-Day Countdown Pro version at the Windows Store. Find by keyword 'D-Day Countdown Pro'


  • Counting remaining/passed days
  • Live Tile Enabled!
  • Support all Live Tile sizes
  • Drag tiles to re-order
  • Various tile colors and Photo tiles

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26 July 2016

Easy to use.