Death Driver Xtreme Riot Racer

Furious Driver - Riot Racer – An endless arcade sports car racing game with traffic rush on the highway and you will drive till death. You are going on a highway in rush hour; vehicles in the traffic are obstacles and reducing your speed. Take rockets and bullets to shoot the traffic vehicles creating riots in the city and cover the distance as much as you can. Have Xtreme fun and play as a death driver. Be a fast and speedy racer on the highway. Enjoy! RACING CARS: Furious Driver - Riot Racer gives you a range of vehicles – Ranging from cars to trucks. TRACKS: 2 racing tracks: Urban Highway and Countryside Roads available to the racer. How to play: Use tilt to control your vehicle.


  • Cutting Edge 3D Rendered Graphics
  • Touch and tilt controls to steer
  • Realistic impact-crash sound effects
  • Realistic drag and drift effects
  • Four customize-able control options
  • Realistic car physics engine with awesome drift effects
  • Mesmerizing asphalt tracks to race on
  • Rival Sports Cars and rushing cars with AI

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23 July 2015

you can't even turn the god damn car