Desert Tank War

In Desert Tank War you drive a tank in a war zone far in the desert. Other tanks are hunting you. Take them all out, and don't let them surround you!

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7 July 2015

This is the worst game in the universe!!! Closes randomly, Freezes, bad graphics, messed up tanks, hard to control non ending, all the tanks are the same, no other maps, sometimes stays on start screen, etc!!!!


1 April 2015

Arrrrrrgh! This game suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks, wow I didn't know they made games this bad!!!!!!


1 March 2015

If I had to say anything else than 1 start, it's that the game needs more camera angles. You cant see your enemy unlit they are super close to you! =( And the pics fake.


9 December 2014

Too hard to manage your tank


27 November 2014

Its impossible you just fight forever graphics are terrible and there is a tank always on its side. You put no effort in this game at all.


18 November 2014

I just got the app, and I try to run it it just shows the logo


30 April 2014

Before I found this game, I was in a dead end job with no end in sight, I thought about ending it all... But then I found it Desert Tank War, This game turned my life around I am now A married man with a kid on the way. All I want to say is Thank you Desert Tank War, Thank you Just kidding this game is BAD!!!!!!!!!!


5 January 2014

This game socks never get it


27 December 2013

This game is honestly retarded. The movement controls are terrible and you only shoot these untextured balls, and not to mention all the enemy tanks are glitched into ground.