Digital Health Scorecard

The Digital Health Scorecard application helps you understand your likelihood of developing common chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart or respiratory diseases or cancer. According to the World Health Organization, chronic conditions like these account for three out of five deaths globally. With just a few minutes of your time, this application takes you through seven key questions about your current health measures and habits. Based on your answers, a personal health risk factor score is calculated. Your healthcare provider can then help you identify ways to improve your health score and reduce your risk through lifestyle changes, treatments and community-based support resources.


  • Get your health score. It’s like a credit score for your health and wellness
  • Evaluate your overall risk for developing chronic disease
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index
  • Learn about healthy ranges for blood pressure cholesterol, blood sugar and other measures
  • Link to resources matched to your areas of need
  • Email your Digital Health Scorecard report and discuss it with your doctor
  • Withings integration for automatic importing of weight and blood pressure
  • Social media sharing

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21 March 2015

Not many fireworks or grabbing insights. This is a good basic app. The use of information I add seems to be less for my gains then the multitude of other health apps being developed offer. I just wonder what doe J&J do with my information I add to this app. There is little mention of how the information they choose to collect from this app is used and just how much is being sold to data collection firms.


25 November 2014

My only complaint is that I am unable to see how my blood sugar rates on the last screen. Based upon my information, I would say the results are fairly accurate.


2 January 2014



16 July 2013

The Definition of aggregate- 1. To gather into a mass, sum, or whole. 2. to amount to, total. Interesting that Johnson and Johnson is gathering all of this information. This application is more about J&J to collect massive amounts of data to analyze, & less about helping you with your issues. Just imagine sheep being led into a pen...


24 April 2013

Please, add the option to use decimal metrics, not only Imperial.


14 April 2013

Too bad the App is US centric and not made with the world populace in mind. It would have been an awesome app if its opened for the rest of us and allowed to keep track over time. This is a one-time consultation app.


21 February 2013

...and cool to use


20 February 2013

I never checked my blood pressure, cholesterol levels or sugar levels, which leaves me with a full screen application that tells me what my BMI is, and that is even not helpful because I am a masculine guy, and a 29BMI is in the red, but I have 9% bodyfat. Maybe useful in certain situations, but the application overall is a gimmick piece of vaporware that does nothing. Also, no metric system, seriously? Last time I checked 95% of the world go on about their business with metric units.


16 February 2013

I didn't find the app to be very useful.


22 January 2013

Not good at all. It need a lot of work.

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