Dinosaur City Attack Survival

Midnight Dinosaur Hunting Dinosaur City Attack Survival brings you an exhilarating action-packed, 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) adventure game in thick jungles with brilliant graphics, addicting game play, engaging action sound track and vigorously attacking Dinosaurs. Dino Shooting is one of the most trending shooting games on Windows store. In this game you will face blood thirsty, hungry dinosaurs searching for their prey, attacking on you. At midnight you entered a jungle for hunting but surprisingly you faced angry raptors in the territory. Be the slayer of the ancient creatures to stay alive. You are on the vehicle moving on its way to the get out of the jungle but the huge territory filled with hungry dinosaurs is a big hurdle to pass through the adventure. It’s a do or die situation for you either to kill them or die. You every accurate shot brings you close to life. Due to midnight you must be careful and must be quick to aim the Dino. You have a sniper that you brought for hunting animals in the jungle but now that’s the only weapon you have to save your life. Dinosaur City Attack Survival game is a just for entertainment game and is not supporting slaying or shooting wild animals. It test your aiming skills and kill shots you can, to save yourself not to be the dinner of the raptors. Prey the animals in the adventure which are there to attack you and kill you. Enjoy your best ever experience of animal hunting. Take your position on the vehicle and aim the hungry raptors. You are a Dino slayer in the game and playing FPS role. You have to face more surprising challenges in the game. Features: Dinosaur City Attack Survival offers you: - Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) controller - Addictive sound track -Amazing City environment - Hi tech shooting Sniper - User friendly GUI and controls - Efficient weapon controls & movement How to play: - Touch & drag anywhere on the left side of the screen aim/move/rotate your shooting weapon - Tap the fire button on the right side of the screen to shoot and thrash the ancient Creatures.

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