Dinosaur Combat Ultimate

A battalion in the desert kind of war area is on petrol, you one of the soldier from the battalion on the way to base camp. You have apart from your team and lost the way to your destination. Suddenly you faced a lot of Dinosaurs coming toward you from different directions. The only way you can survive is to shoot and kill them. If you don't kill they will kill you and divide you in many pieces. The Dinosaurs are not fast running animals, they are slow but, huge and fierce, as close they come they roar and attack. You have two weapons with unlimited ammunition one is Sniper gun with scope and, second is 9 mm Pistol. Your sniper gun is a best tool to shoot them in the head from distance, and if they come closer you can choose the Pistol to shoot them from close distance. In any shooting or hunting game the quality of snipe, fire and aim is the basic need. You have to prove you have been a good commando or shooter in your battalion to survive in front of dangerous animals like Dinosaurs. How to play: - Touch & drag navigation on the screen aim/move/rotate your shooting weapon - Tap the fire button to shoot and hunt down the dinosaurs - Use scope button to aim on target - The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition - Move with navigation on left side - Look around using your right side navigation button - Chose Sniper or Pistol for distance and close shooting. Shooting Tip: As the dinosaurs attack on you from two directions, you should kill one from the right and one from the left to not let them come closer to you. FEATURES: * Real 3D graphics environment.. * The natural sounds of rampage Dinosaurs and bullets fire. * Two guns a sniper and a Pistol. * No Internet connectivity required while playing. * Addictive, loving & Full of fun. * Sounds On / Off button on display. * Multi-touch enabled. Note: Shooting dinosaurs in the game doesn't mean we appreciate killing animals, its for fun and entertainment.