Dinosaur Hunt

Try our new app “Dinosaur Run” by Academ Media © For all fans of first person shooter game we’ve created an amazing new one! If you like shooting and varied weapons, shotguns, pistols, if you addict to sniper games and admire different kinds of rifles, Dinosaur Run suits you undoubtedly! You have an unusual challenge in this game! You can hold rifle in your hands, you can aim properly with amazing accuracy and make a shot in the right time. But have you ever seen a bow with a sniper aiming? Now we'll see how fast you are in shooting with this medieval weapon! Would you love to go hunting in the severe prehistoric ambience? In this extremely awesome first person shooter you can get it. Let’s see how fast you are, how wide your firing range and shooting speed! Take your bow with sniper rifle aiming and prove that you are the fastest and greatest sniper! Engage in the battle against dinosar along with Dinosaur Run game!


  • Super quality graphics makes you feel yourself a real sniper
  • Ambience of severe prehistoric atmosphere with dinosaurs makes game more exciting and interesting
  • Really addictive gameplay for all fans of first person shooters
  • Simple control for your convenience


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