Direct Sales Agent

Direct Sales Agent (Mobile DSA) is a Line-of-Business App for Win 8 and Win 10 platforms which is developed for agents to complete banking or insurance products sales easily on their tablet. Banks or insurance companies usually send SMS market campaigns to their targeted customers informing them about the new products. The Direct Sales Agent App for Win 8 and Win 10 starts working instantly once the customer texting back with a positive answer. Next, the opportunity gets created in the CRM, assigned to the DS agent, and automatically pops up in "My Activity" area on the agent's tablet. During the customer's visit, the Mobile DSA can access all personal and financial information of the customer. By using the product calculators, the agent can check the eligibility of the customer for a specific product. The new Mobile DSA solution has also an equated monthly instalments (EMI) calculator function that calculates important details related to the product. Moreover, the Mobile DSA solution gives a great cross-selling opportunity to the agent checking the eligibility and convincing the customer on the spot. The outstanding feature of the Mobile DSA solution is the simplicity of closing the deal at the customer visit. With just one click, the offer letter is sent to the customer via SMS or e-mail. The agent can also print the application form, gets it signed, takes a picture of it, and process the whole application.


  • New Product Application
  • Product, Loan and equated monthly installments EMI Calculators
  • Document Capture Screen
  • Competitor Product Comparison
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Pending Documents
  • Sales Team Activity Management
  • Sales Agent Calendar & Field Announcements

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4 February 2015



12 September 2013

Looking good veripark!