Disk Falcon

Did you ever wonder what would happen if a game studio wrote a disk scanner using its game engine? Wonder no more. Introducing Disk Falcon, our unique, futuristic disk-scanning utility. Based on highly acclaimed game engine used in "Ultraviolet Dawn", Disk Falcon shines with the polish of over three years of engine development and testing, with its user interface being almost entire animated in real-time. The scan results can be broken down by individual files, file types, or ages, and presented in either doughnut or bar chart (and, of course, these animate as well while the scan is ongoing). Unneeded files or folders can be dragged and dropped onto the special bin button to be queued up for deletion later. Disk Falcon even comes with a sci-fi inspired vocal responses to your actions within the program (which, thankfully, can easily be turned off).


  • Fluid, futuristic user interface
  • Doughnut or bar chart file size visualization styles
  • Breakdown by individual files, file types, or file ages
  • Real-time, animated scanning feedback and updates
  • Multi-level folder disk usage visualization
  • Ability to queue up and delete unneeded files from within the program
  • Instant folder navigation once the scan is finished
  • Vocal responses to your actions within the program

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15 February 2015

seriously, can I get my money back?


20 February 2013

Says I have used 4 gig out of 64 gig sad, in reality I only have 4 gig left to use.


29 January 2013

I am satisfied with WinDirStat, but I wanted to try something with Metro UI. This is 100x slower than WinDirStat and the UI is like an Atari pinball game.


7 December 2012

Major bug: disk space free reported as used on splash screen! Very nice representation of used space. One of the best disk usage analyzes I have over used. The graphics are nice and not in anyway excessive. I would like more info when I click on sub-folders.


6 December 2012

pretty is all I see


23 November 2012

I give one start because it fails on all goals except a good interface. You can dress it up any way but still doesn't do a full scan, either crashes about mid 20% on a full hard drive or reports things incorretly


10 November 2012

DON'T BUY!!!! Don't waste your money. I am going to report this to Microsoft as a scanner scam. It has a alluring UI. However, it can't complete a scan of C:\ on a 16Gb Surface RT. Gets to 27% and then restarts. Let run for 15 minutes with no completion, I'm out $3.99, since there wasn't a try. TOTAL FAIL!!!!! I will be tweeting my experience too!


4 November 2012

Not what I expected. Might work better on non Rt machines. UPDATE Upgrading my rating-working much better for me now. Great on win 8 pro too!


29 October 2012

Wish I could get a refund. The interface/graphics are amazing, but it takes way too long to scan. On the order of 10 minutes + for a drive with only 7gb of files on it. Other scanning tools can easily do this in 30 seconds or less. If they could update it so that it is fast (probably needs multi-threaded scanning queue), I would be happy. 2012_10_29.


26 September 2012

This is very cool, it is so cool to see the comparison of disk sizes, ect.

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