DJ Mix Set Plus

Are you boring? Why not play a real music game now! DJ Mix Set is a new music game that lets you play music with different sounds and sound effects! Open your music talent and share them with your friends! Use music editing and be the best DJ! You never know what sound combination will become a new masterpiece! Mix it now and create your original music! There are plenty of musical instruments and sound levels to perform the best track! With DJ Mix Set you'll never be bored! This game is a great fun for kids and adults! DJ Music Mixer is a great application for your party! It’s small device for music editing. Use different sound effects, change the song you want. Choose any song from your library, edit a sound level and speed. Mix them up and show your music talent! Download it now and start to create your own DJ mix! Let’s try! Do you have cool DJ mix? Don’t you? It’s time to create the best masterpiece now! Show your music talent! Use sound mixer, sound effects and different musical instruments! Create interesting sound combinations at any time and everywhere you want! Become a DJ with this amazing music game!


  • Professional musical studio
  • Many samples from different instruments
  • You can use it like a music player
  • Very easy sound mixer