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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    New features: Song search box on main screen. Spin - Scrash direcly touching the disk Pitch - velocity change control Pause with progresive disk stoping, progresive restarting in reesume pause. Wide Faders and Wide crossfader Beat viewer and EQ Peaks viewer. Load and save playlists. Bug Correction: More stable: Some bugs corrected to run a lot of hours without any crash. This release have a bug correction: when you open a file outside Music Library, and show a user message box. For security restrictions only Music library files can be added to list Coming soon: Beat/BPM detection, perfect song sync, wave viewer, sampler for launch voices and effects, filter effects and loops, Xbox Music pass connection and Spotify connection, XBMC and MPD support

Dj Mixer

Dj Mixer turns your tablet into a DJ mixer, ideal for playing your music in your party, easy to use and totally free, no advertising and no in-app purchases. Dj Mixer have two decks and allows you to create your playlist at the moment and add songs "on the fly" to your sessions, and mix with a cross fader. It also has a automix feature mixing your music automatically, so you never stop the party!. New features include load and save playlists, search song box, random sort queue play list button, spin/scrash directly touching the disk, Pitch - velocity change control, pause with progressive disk stopping, progressive restarting in resume pause, and four band graphic equalizer, beat and EQ peaks viewer. Note: This app don’t works with DRM protected songs . Contact: ketoolabs.djmixer@gmail.com Follow us in twitter: @KetoLabsDJMixer


  • Two decks, A and B with positioner, independent volume and timers
  • Play list editable on the fly and you can modify order of songs
  • Add songs stored on your PC on Music Library folder or subfolders
  • Cross-fader
  • Automix function: automatic music mixing.
  • Spin - Scrash direcly touching the disk
  • Pitch - velocity change control
  • Pause with progresive disk stoping, progresive restarting in reesume pause
  • Song Search box
  • beat viewer and EQ Peaks viewer
  • Load and save playlists

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10 September 2015

it don't work


29 July 2015

Won't work. Windows 8 tablet, quad core 1.83. Either fix or I wish for a refund


14 May 2015

something wrong, it will start to play then stops & closes


8 May 2015



23 April 2015

Yeah just don't waste your time


17 March 2015

its the best app


7 March 2015

but how do u save the remix


4 March 2015

Needs to scale for higher resolutions. Maybe show the track graphically to line up beats and a bpm monitor


1 February 2015

soon coment


30 December 2014

As I add songs in dj it loads one song and suddenly crashes really horrible don't waste yours time

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