Doctor X - Med School: Ultimate Doctor, Nurse & Hospital Adventure

~~> You're the Doctor! Fix all of your patients woes whatever they might be! ~~> Use real doctor tools to examine, diagnose, and treat your patients! Once you find the right treatment you can fix your patients in no time! Meet your first patients in the hospital, doc! Use medicine & tools in the clinic like the thermometer, which will let you know if the patient has a fever! In your clinic, you can even diagnose your patients’ hearts with the electrocardiogram! When you are ready to treat them, with your syringes, eye drops, cough syrup or even simple bandages! It’s the ultimate clinic just for you, Doctor X! What's inside: > Diagnosing tools like the stethoscope, the thermometer, the blood pressure sensor, and electrocardiogram! But there’s so much more! > Treatment tools like the tweezers, the eye drops, and you can even give them a shot to fix all of your patients woes and wounds! > 16 colorful bandages, plasters, and stitches! > 4 patients that need you incredible doctor skills! > 2 Doctor Kits for all your medical needs, the First Aid Kit and the Pro Kit! ABOUT TabTale: Join our Facebook Page: Follow us on Twitter: @TabTale With over 300 million downloads and growing in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon apps TabTale is now available on Windows Store & Windows Phone! TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love. We’ve lovingly produced interactive e-books, games, and educational experiences for children. - WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK Parents and kids are our best reviewers if you have a moment, feel free to rate and review our app. Notes: - NO SOUND? If the sound is not working, make sure the mute switch is turned off, activate the application, then turn up the volume on your device and the sound will work.


  • Diagnose your patients with the help of awesome measuring tools like an electrocardiogram!
  • Treat them with cough syrup, give them a shot or carefully remove splinters from their skin. They are counting on you!
  • The patients will tell you how they feel like but sometimes they don’t even know what they need!

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19 May 2016



24 April 2016

good game I love this great game friend.


16 October 2015

This game is the worse game I ever played.Trust me if you are a kid like me or a grown up don't be tricked by the other comment's.I am 8 years old and I first thought that it was going to be fun but when I fist started to play it was fine and then 😠boring.Have a boring time playing


28 September 2015

ultimate doctor nurse and hospital


26 August 2015

My 6 and 3 year old LOVE this app! I even caught my husband playing with our 3 yr old...way too


6 August 2015

Doctor x is a very boring game because you have the same patient with the same case


11 July 2015

it is relly fun


13 June 2015

So boring ! BLA! W.T.F. did I play. Sorry people who like it, I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 May 2015

it is fun


25 April 2015

Its just to wide and flat on the pc or computer.

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