Dokmee Document Management Software: On-the-go access to your electronic file cabinet system at the touch of your finger. • Key Features: Security, File Storage, Search & Retrieval, Integrated Viewer, Mobile Uploads, Multi-lingual Interface • Security: encrypted user login, file access management, audit log, file encryption. • File Storage: Store and manage any file type. View index data, file information, file notes, and version history for all files. • Search & Retrieval: Search by specified keywords and indexes or browse file cabinets and folders. • Integrated Viewer: pdf, tiff, jpeg, bitmap, png, gif, Microsoft Office viewer coming soon. • Mobile Uploads: Take photos or browse image library to upload important business and personal documents. • Multi-lingual Interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, German, Arabic • Able to delete file and folder • Able to edit index fields • Able to edit file notes • Default Dokmee Cloud URL • View, approve, and reject document in workflow inbox • Email document within the application • Able to register free cloud account